Blogs on Minimalism

The web is such a rich source of anything minimalist. Don’t know where to look? Here are a few suggestions:

Minimal Art blogs

Minimalist architecture/interior design blogs

Minimalist design blogs

These blogs happen to feature minimalism all around, but still mostly minimalist design:

Minimalist packaging blogs

There are no blogs dedicated specifically to minimalist package design, but these often have great examples:

Minimalist photography blogs

Minimalist web design blogs

The web is packed with screenshot galleries showing mediocre, minimalist-y web designs. For more proper minimalist web design, check out my private selection made public over at Gimme Bar:

Most of the work featured on the following sites are indeed very, ehm, ‘borderline minimalist’. They’re just very clean. You be the judge.

Minimalist lifestyle blogs

The minimalist lifestyle is getting more and more popular, and sites on this topic are numerous. However, these two stand out:

And the stream is endless…

Tumblr is flooded with shots of minimalist interiors and other white objects… Here are a few blogs that do a rather good job at reblogging ;-)