A List of All Famous Minimalist Artists, Architects and Designers

If you’re trying to get a grip at minimalism accross the fields, considering to buy a minimalist piece, or looking to hire a minimalist architect or designer, this overview may serve as a quick reference.

Minimal Art

The famous minimalist artists from the 1960’s:

From the same period but less known: painter and graphic artist Ralph Coburn (USA, 1923), painter and sculptor Jerry Okimoto (Japan/USA, 1924 – 1988).

Or consider these contemporary artists with a minimalist aesthetic:

Sculptor Terence Koh (Canada), painter Carmen Herrera (Cuba), land artist Wolfgang Laib (Germany), installation artist Martina Klein (Germany), sculptor Rachel Whiteread (U.K.), painter and sculptor Bernard Gilcozar (Belgium), installation artist Lesley Foxcroft (U.K.), and painter and installation artist Daniel Buren (France).

And these artists’ works embody a minimalist philosophy:

Performance artist, video artist, painter and more Francis Alÿs (Belgium/Mexico), environmental artists well-known for their wrapping of buildings Christo and Jeanne-Claude (France, USA), painter, sculptor and installation artist Martin Creed (U.K), sculptor and land artist Andy Goldsworthy (U.K.), and installation artist, performance artist and sculptor David Hammons (USA).

A bit more niche perhaps: quilt designers Denyse Smidt (USA) and Regina Alexandra (USA).

And if I may, some special attention to my personal friends Adrian Clement and James Gatt a.k.a. Pineapple Park (Australia).


Critically acclaimed minimalist architects:

Who else to call for a minimalist casa? Think FORM /Kouichi Kimura Architects (Japan), Tokuyin Yoshioka (Japan), Junichi Sampei (Japan), Marcio Kogan (Brazil), Fran Silvestre Arquitectos (Spain), Vicens & Ramos (Spain), Jospeh Dirand (France), XTEN (USA), Philippe Stuebi (Switzerland), Wigglesworth-Weider (Switzerland), i29 (The Netherlands), Zecc (The Netherlands), Wiel Arets (The Netherlands), Jonas Lindvall (Sweden). David Chipperfield (U.K.), and NORM CPH (Denmark), Gluckman Mayner Architects (USA), Jim Jennings (USA) and Michael Gabellini (USA).

Furniture Design

Can’t go wrong with these fine gents:

But you als might want to consider the work of Peter Wigglesworth (Switzerland), Ronald Knol (The Netherlands), ROLU, Rosenlof/Lucs, ro/lu (USA), Vincent van Duysen (Belgium), Luke Wong (USA) and Andreas Engevik (Norway).

Industrial design

These guys have surely deserved their fame and fortune:

And leading us into the future are Daniel Rybakken (Norway), Minimalux (U.K.), and Thomas Wagner (Denmark).


You definitely want to check out these established minimalist photographers:

However, don’t dismiss the colour loving Grant Hamilton (USA), the gritty black of Peter Downsbrough (Belgium, USA), or the portraits of Hans Hiltermann (The Netherlands).

Web Design

Quality assured with:

Okay, but if you’re looking to hire minimalist web designer, these are the guys and girls who will know what you’re talking about: Emil Olsson (Sweden), Shelby White (USA), Ian Coyle (USA), or Stuart Hobday (U.K.).